Carissa’s 4-H Career comes to an End

ImageTonight as I finished up a couple of last minute items in Carissa and Zach’s record books, I reflected on Carissa’s 4-H career.  It all started when Josetta asked Scott at a Belmont Softball game about Carissa showing a calf at the Belmont State Fair.  The rest is history!! Carissa came out of the ring at the Lafayette County Fair the next July with first blue and Josetta, Dad, Mom, Dianne  and I all shared with Carissa how happy we were!! Later, we also reflected with her that she needed to remember that winning the blue ribbon may not always happen.

What has happened is that Carissa has learned so very much about herself and has had a lot of fun along the way!! Carissa has grown up–feeding calves and learning how to lead, clip and so much more.  But, more than that she has meet many new friends and grown to be responsible.

The day she won the Animal Science Dairy Judging individual contest–several years ago, Carissa kept saying on the way home, “I still can’t believe it.”

Then, there was the day that Dr Dave place her “Joanna” cow as first blue at the Iowa County Fair and Carissa came out of the ring, all smiles.

There was the days that she had to go ask Grandpa which animal, she should take in for showmanship.  And the day, that she decided that catching Jordan’s heifer was more fun than showing her own.

The day she came back from National 4-H Congress in Georgia and shared all of the many experiences as well as the CWF trip to Washington DC.

Yes, it’s been about showing and having fun, but more important than anything, is seeing how a very young girl who really didn’t understand cows and farming, has now decided to possibly pursue a career in Ag.  Whatever the future holds Carissa….always remember that you have had many wonderful opportunities through 4-H!!

Thank you to the many friends and family that we have made through 4-H!!